other spyware tools

what other spyware tools do you guys use besides adaware and spybot? right now i'm using those 2, hijackthis, and cwshredder. i was trying to help someone get rid of constant popups every 5 seconds every time they load up IE, but adaware and spybot didn't get rid of it.

You may want to try the one Microsoft just put out. It actually seems to be pretty good. The jury is still out on it but give it a shot. It's free but just remember to skip the part about m$ asking if you are running a genuine windows product. Freaking assholes that they are seem to be trying to gather info on the serial codes out there.

Or you could try BPS, Hijackthis, or The cleaner. Some of those are not free though.

I just put Microsofts beta version on....found some stuff Spybot hadn't found, but of course the fucking program switched my Explorer homepage to msn.com.

Spybot hasn't had any updates in a while. I'm wondering if they decided to take a vacation or just throw in the towel.

Microsoft Antispyware