OTM coming to grand Rapids


Gi only??


Train BJJ,who is (hopefully ryan bow being there now changes this)

help please


Ryan Bow is a very successful MMA fighter out of grand rapids..He was on Frank Shamrocks team years ago and then he moved to japan and trained with a who's who of japanese mma...Fought for shooto..etc...

He is TOP notch. He just moved back and is opening a gym here in Michigan..


Gi and no gi?

Dave,it will be Gi this time.next time it will be both.

Hope i can get a chance to do it, sounds fun

Looks like we are gathering a group to go to this one as well. We'll probably be setting up some training sessions for this as it gets closer.

Count me in. Ill be at WW today with saif. see you tonight


this tournament isnt on the grapplingtournaments.com website. What are the weight classes?


 uhmmmmm I just have to put my gi back on and see what I can do!!!!!!!!

Carlao making a comeback!!! Lol. We will be there!!

 dont call it a come back, I've been here for years!!!


Hey! You guys sending out posters/flyers and info? The sooner we get it up, the more people we can get interested...

that's what she said

Registration is now open