OTM DVD 101 Submissions

I just watched the quicktime preview of 101 submissions video. It says just set-ups and tap-outs. That might be something I'd like to buy. I have a few questions first. 1. edited
2. edited
3. Is there anything else on the dvd?
4.. For those of you that bought it, is it worth the price?
On a side note, does the famed ending on Dengue Fever exist? Scotty said he'd send it to me a while back. I havent heard from him after I emailed my adress. For some reason my tape didnt have the bonus on it, if it even is real. Thanks for any info.

Also I havent heard "shut em down" by PE in a long time. good stuff

what's that reggea sounding song that Marc Laimon uses in his Mundial Remix 2000 dvd, something about "one more for my warriors" or something?

kymani marley

oh yeah, im sure OTM got the rights to those songs!!!lol

Ok, I just read the detailed discription of the dvd. Im going to edit #1, and #2 on my first post. It says that its over an hour and a half. Matches from all over the world.

Mine is in the mail!

What about the Dengue Fever ending? Do you guys know if its real?

Hey FrankRizzo.. hope this helps..
There are clips from all over, 50 no-gi and 51-gi submissions, the video shows the entry, submission and then replays it (most all of them are worth watching the replay and some require scanning back for a 3rd and 4th shot..
It is alittle over 90 minutes total..
Got it for a Xmas present.. but it is absolutely a buyer..
Other than the submissions clips there is nothing else on the dvd, no instructional, no advertisements, nothing else.
The list of fighters is long.. see the description on their site..
Let me know if you have any more questions. Like I said though, I would recommend this dvd... there is some crazy shit pulled off in this clips..

It's a good dvd, but expensive.

yes very expensive but i think im going to get it

Hey Frank

As for the ening to Dengue fever it is real mine is a solid 10 min after the fight footage is over


"oh yeah, im sure OTM got the rights to those songs!!!lol"

That's exactly what I thought, Eric. Record labels may have let something like this slide before, but they are in no mood to fuck around these days. I just hope no one in the record industry gets their hands on these.

When I worked on "The Real World" we had to pay $4,000.00 for 30 seconds of an Enrique Igelsias song.


what is this famed ending about?



more info on the "famed ending" please

101 subs is a good DVD


The ending was definitely a treat. I woke up while Dengue Fever was playing in the VCR. To my surprise, Brazilian Brothel action! ;)

Why call it a strip club when beds are present?

All of OTM's videos/DVD's are good and entertaining