Otoko Matsuri 2


"Otoko Matsuri 2
31st Dec. 2004
Saitama Super Arena

(Submitted by Chickenwire)

DSE President Sakakibara said that it will open PRIDE Otoko Festival2(Men's Festival 2) @ SSA.

Naoya Ogawa, Kazushi Sakuraba, Hidehiko Yoshida, Minotauro, Fedor, Mirko, W. Silva and so on will appear.
The event actually will be All Star in both name and ability.

It's DSE that shows New Year's Eve event at first. Thetitle is not officially decided, but now it is called as "Otoko Matsuri 2".

Although last year Otoko Matsuri was difficult decision to open and after the event Mr. Sakakibara said even he will notdo it next year.
But Heavy Weight GP is well accepted and GP 8 FightersRounds tickets also seoldvery well. "Fans, stuffs, and everyone expects us, PRIDE becames kinda of usual event."
Finally, he decided to do it again.

It will have the best cards to open. Usual fighters and Ogawa, Minotauro, Fedor, Mirko and so on will fight.
The biggest sales point will be Heavy Weight Title.
Match(Champion Fedor vs. Interim Champion Minotauro) vs.Middle Weight Championship(Silva vs. Sakuraba or Kondo),
Dubble Title Matches. "This will be all star with biggest
surprises." Sakakibara says."