hey man I never got your e-mail,

oh yeah, that new guy I was Trying to help at the gym asked me after I tried to explain a guillatin (sp)?, if you can use it on a gorilla. WTF?

which new guy... did you tell him maybe it will work on maybe a chimp...well probably not but it would be funny to see someone try.

It may have been a comment on all the big meatheads that train at Mikeys.

Bunch of bullies.


Is NHB moving to Sundays at 1400 or is it still on Saturday for now?

Anyone know yet?

no but he was asking if this stuff is like what steven seagal does.

Dave, on monday that big man-boy that came in about half-way through class.(glasses, jean shorts and big hikeing boot looking shoes)

ok i know the guy.. I was gonna make a joke to you at the poor guys expense but i was afraid you might be related.. again:-)

lol @ man-boy

Mikey takes me down , beats on me, subs me... and now makes me feel like a bad person....GREAT!!!

didn't know he was retarded, just thought he was a (van dam or bruce lee) movie martial arts are real guy.
now I feel bad. I was nice to him, and said that gorilla's are too big and strong.
dave, he didn't look mexican.LOL
btw, mikey please don't kick my ass!

it might be the mcphearson trainging coming out in me.

Well now that we've cleared that up is NHB moving to Sundays or is it still going to be Saturday?

Come on and help a brotha out.