Ottawa blue belt pop doubles!

that's funny, we have 3 purples in halifax, with 1 more (imho obviously)untested purple(we travel to nyc to test for promotion with renzo). we also have definately at least 3 blues, maybe up to six or more... interesting considering the relative size of ottawa to halifax.

Samboboy, to be honest, I don't know..I don't think Wade was ever WITH Therien's, he would go there the odd time for seminars or whatever..

RE: Teachers..what can you do when you have a core of about a half dozen grapplers..we have a curriculum to follow, plus various seminars here and there..but you're correct about advancing beyond blue, and I don't want to be stagnant..


it is the biggest obstacle to advancment in BJJ, there needs to be a constant flow of new information, techniques, strategies etc.

It is a tough situation right now in Ottawa, no high level belts and no real outside guidance. Judging by your performance at the tournament in LA though you certainly are doing well and improving all the same.

Samboboy is correct, there are a total of about 6. The other four are in no way affiliated with Therien any more.

There's a dude who told my girlfriend that he was a BJJ black belt who just moved here from the States (LMAO!!!) but that's another story

What happened with the ones training at Therien(Sharom, Dan, and Wade?) is Wagney still affiliated with them?

Man, you would think that Ottawa would get a purple belt by now!


There really isn't anyone who has done BJJ in Ottawa long enough to get a purple. Adam from bob's is ready but he is an exception. From no training to Purple should be like 3-4 years

Shahrom and Wade are training on their own at Carlton U, and I believe Dan has his own school in Gatineau..I could be wrong about Dan..They're all blues under Wagney, who comes up once or twice a month to do seminars..

Adam Z would have been Ottawa's first purple, he definitely deserves it.

I've been training a bit longer than 3 years..and Adam has a headstart on me by about 3-4 years..the reason he got so good is because he trained hard, every day, by himself, with no instructor..

At least we guys at the club have each other, so it ain't so bad

Without sounding like a dick, to get really good you need people who are really good to be around you. If you train with Bluebelts you will get up to that level if you train with purples you may get up to that good. Without any black belts to regularly train with it is hard for people to really progress quickly.


I am suprised that wade, dan, and sharom left theriens...what was the reason?

Maybe the key is to get different guys in (from non-bjj backgrounds) who live in Ottawa to teach part of the game?

You could get Phil Takahashi to show you some throws, Igor to show you some leglocks, etc.

Then you'd have to figure out how it fits into bjj...just a thought.

Btw, does Ottawa or Carleton U have a wrestling team? I've joined the Queen's one (man, I'm in bad shape!), and it seems that we don't do a meet in Ottawa all year!

Well I might as well just jump in here too!

Marc, with you and Alphafemale here that will make 10. Shahram, Dan, Dominick, Sean, and myself under Wagney, Karim and Jeff under Marcus, and Bob under the Machados. It should be eleven with the uncrowned, long deserved Lofty who should have been blue a long time ago! Still no purples.

As it stands as far as training, Shahram, Dan, Dominck, Sean, and myself all train together at Carleton with a few other guys. We are actively looking to open up a club though so we shall see what pans out. I am also working with a few guys at Ottawa U during the week.

As for the Therien situation, Shahram and Dan taught there and Dominick was a student under them. I wasn't involved except to attend seminars when Wagney was in town. Shahram and Dan have moved on because it was difficult to focus on BJJ and attract new students when the whole school is focused on Can-Ryu JJ. No bad blood, it's just that Shahram and Dan are really keen on starting a BJJ school and it is tough to do it unless it is the #1 focus.

Sothy - Neither Carleton U nor Ottawa U have a wrestling team, however there is an excellent wrestling club that is open to the public; the National Capital Wrestling Club. I train there four days a week, and it is excellent!

Marc or Sothy (or anyone else who is interested for that matter) if you are interested in dropping by while you are in town don't hesitate to e-mail me and I will hook you up with class times and location, etc...



I won't be back until the school year is done (for any length of time), but I'll be sure to check around.

Wow this thread got really mixed up!

Back to the original subject of Blue Belts in Ottawa:

There is Pete Tremblay (OK...20 minutes' drive West of Ottawa, but close enough!)teaching out of Total Fitness in Carleton Place.

Watsup Marc. Congrats on your blue.
You should try dropping in Van sometimes.
Adam Z is living in Victoria now by the way.

Cripes, how could I forget about Bob? I'm an idiot sometimes

Javaone, I sent you an e-mail a while back..didn't you get it? Adam is in vancouver now, I haven't heard from him in while, so I hope he's doing well.

I agree it's good to keep your training diverse as well by bringing other people that's what we do.. as often as possible anyway :-)

I thought it was pretty funny too that you forgot, but sometimes the most obvious answers are right in front of us!


yeah, these threads are screweled