Otter Box Armour

Is legit! Phone fell while I'm hauling ass down a hill on the bicycle at around 35 MPH and the phone was fine. No issues at all. Also, I'd like to thank the find my phone app because I couldn't find the phone initially. Had to ride back home, 25 miles, check my iPad, get my truck and go back. App was spot on and phone was pristine. When I found it, it was about three feet off the road on the wooded/shrub/weed covered shoulder. Phone Post 3.0

I left my phone on top of my truck and went down the highway. Phone fell off so I used my iPad to track it. Otter box saved the phone and the clip was even good on the case. They are for sure good cases. Phone Post 3.0

I knew it was solid. I got it for kayak fishing and ever since I put it on, I started spinning it on my finger like a playing card. I drop the shit out of it. Like ten times a day. Some have been hard. But this one was crazy. I was full speed through sleepy hollow on a big ass hill. Phone Post 3.0