Otto Olson vs Jesse Bongfeldt 6/12

USA's Otto Olson vs. Canada'a Jesse Bongfeldt
Saturday June 12 for more information





Hey Charlie, any fights coming up for you?? I think last time I ran into you was in Ft. Lauderdale after Matt whooped up on the metalhead and Mark Ashton got beat by a kid wearing pink!!

Kevin MacDonald

will otto be dj-ing the event as well?

go blue!

Thanks for your interest,I am now retired.( I'm an old man) Still teaching and promoting.
LOL-No, the otto-Matic will just be fighting and repairing any wiring troubles!!!


did Otto wrestle at U Mich? that name sounds familiar

Yes, Otto is a U Mich guy.

cool, looking forward to his fights.

cool, looking forward to his fights.


sweet i have always wanted to see otto fight live the only fight i saw of his was against chris leben.

i am definately coming to watch Team Quest rising stars Ed Nuno, Jared Freeman, and Elijah (last name)

It will be a great show. Fighters from AMC,Team Quest, PFS (Canada), PBBA, Brian Johnson's (Lacey), Ringsports United, and a few other Gyms will be represented. All NW wrestlers should come and support Otto !


That dude's name is Bongfeldt?

Bring it. ttt for Bongfeldt

Yes, his name is Jessie Bongfeldt. His gym is called progressive fighting.

otto will be fierce. he did amazingly well at the abu dhabi event last year and hope he continues to develop in the MMA game. are his goals to fight or to teach? doesn't he have a major in education or something?

Otto does have an education degree, and teaches here in Washington. He also runs a DJ Businesss, and a wrestling program. When he's not doing any of those, he's fighting or looking for girls :)

I hope he will keep his hands up this time. :)
I saw him warm up at the last show and looked pretty explosive. I hope he will that one.