Otto13: What's up?

Hey buddy. I saw you trashing me on Ghost's thread. I've never even seen you before. What exactly is your problem with me?


Just what are you reffering to exactly?

Seriously, I've never seen nor heard of you.

Oh, BTW, people who say that "anyone who gets in the cage and fights" is beyond reproach are being really stupid.

This is a sport my friend. Sports are based on fan interest.

Fan interest is based in opinion.

Not all opinions are positive.

You're probably one of those people who say "you can't critize (fighter A)! At least he gets in the cage and fights! What's your record?"

That, and "you wouldn't say that to his face" are the dumbest things regularly said on the UG.


Otto? Big guy?

attempts invisibility so Otto 13 never sees me

Thanks. My parents are quite proud. And I've got a pretty good idea of the kind of man you are. The kind that reads a half dozen posts from someone on an MMA forum and makes character judgements about them.

My Shannon thread was a joke. It's still up and Shannon has been posting on it a couple times a week for over five months.

Most people here who've talked to me for a while know that I'm a pretty mellow guy who just likes a little fun once in a while.

BTW, in regards to my post count, by your logic you must be the world's busiest guy. 142 posts over three years. What the fuck do you do?

Momita is a great example of someone on the UG I really like. Although, like you, she probably can not stand me.

Otto? So..... You just insult people for no reason then never respond?

Wow. You're quite a man.

I find this thread suprising, GlenDanzig has always seemed like a respectful person... except when he got upset over my gym towel story...

ATTENTION goku........

I have always been a "happy" person & I am a bit flattered if you thought I was able to speak well enough on a subject to be thought of as a guy..........

*puffs up chest enough to bust buttons*

Why GlenDanzig, I'm hurt, I thought you knew I loved you?? :-)

Thanks Honkey. You're alright my friend.

And Momita, you will always be my #1 girl.

*goes somewhere private to "think" about Momita busting the buttons on her shirt....*

Otto13 MIA. Tragic. He was so young.


Gary Hughes

*digs nails into doorway preventing being placed over there*

momita is correct. The "What If" Forum is the graveyard for sure. Seems funny that a moderator can move threads there for any, or no reason whatsoever. I say if the thread is bad and there is a good reason, delete it and/or ban the offending party.

The Rogue Moderator is ruining the UG. Ban the trolls and eliminate the "What If" forum.

Gary Hughes

Hey Sam.

I don't know if you're insulting me or not, but I quite agree with you. The removal of threads has gotten way out of hand.

As for the "ban the trolls" thing, you might wanna be carefull there ....;)