OU = College's Buffalo Bills?

i think its fair to say they are starting to earn a reputation for choking in the biggest games. last years big 12 championship and national championship game and this years national championship they didnt even show up.

No they showed up. Then got controlled in EVERY aspect of the game. I would say SC being a much better football team had more to do with their performance last night.

There is no way you can call one of the most successful programs in college football history "College's Buffalo Bills." The Bills choked in every championship game. Am I wrong or doesn't OU have 7 national championships in their great history. I'm not an OU fan but they have one of the best programs in history. Bob Stoops has won a national championship, and his teams have played in the past two national championship games. Yes he lost the last 2 but you don't win them all. That doesn't get you the nickname of College's Bullalo Bills.

I think Tommie is correct.

OU back in the 80s and before was a badass program and if they got to a title game, they usually won(Someone may be able to check this).

SC has won 10-11 national titles and still gets no respect as a program.

Stoops got lucky with his first and only title, I dont see him doing it again. Anytime you lose 35-7 to K state one week there is no way you should be in the title game like last year.