ouch! - king of san da pic

where can i see some more san da pictures?

Hmm, looks like a high-dive to me...

What do they call this in San Shou?

Great throw!!! What kind of throw is he using?

You're not supposed to throw people head
first in Sanda..

Ah, but is he being thrown headfirst, or is he falling headfirst? Subtle but important difference...


Khun Kao

Awesome pic!!

I reckon, during a standup clinch, red trunks
(airborne) has gone for the guillotine (sic?).
Note the positioning of his right arm - looks like
he had it hooked around for this choke.

So black trunks has reach down & hooked his left arm
around the right leg of opponent. Then lifted him
straight up off the canvas. So black trunks is almost
completely upright, red trunks is up in the air trying
to keep the guillotine choke on.

Black trunks now throws his opponent down towards the
canvas, twisting him as he throws him to increase the
likelihood of red trunks head smashing into the canvas
& causing him a whole world of hurt.

What do you guys reckon??

Cool pic. What technique is that?

of course sanshou isn't street effective......
lmao.. Great pic! I'm trying to picture the set up and motion of that throw. Any idea?

looks like this might actually hurt :)

Awesome pic! May ask where u got it from?


I think you may be right on there Goong.