Ouch, search for "kickboxing accid

ent" on kazaa, how can that be prevented?

I have the vid but don't know how it can be prevented.

My only guess would be more shin conditionning

How can shin be conditioned? I heard that by condiotining you only makes the nerve feel no pain, but the bone remains the same

Drink your milk? Heavy resistance training to increase bone density?

I dunno.....

Actually shin conditionning deadens the nerves but also makes the bones denser

"Shin conditioning" = Compartment syndrome.

What is compartment syndrome?

Anterior Compartment Syndrome
(Anterior shin splints)

What is a compartment syndrome?

Compartment syndromes arise when a muscle
becomes too big for the sheath that surrounds it
causing pain. The big muscle on the outside of the
shin is called the tibialis anterior and is
surrounded by a sheath. This is called the anterior
compartment of the lower leg. Compartment
syndromes can be acute or chronic.

Acute anterior compartment syndrome can occur
as a result of:

*An impact which causes bleeding within the
compartment and therefore swelling.
*A muscle tear which also causes bleeding.
*Over use injury which also causes swelling.

Symptoms include:

*A sharp pain in the muscle on the outside of the
lower leg, usually the result of a direct blow.
*Weakness when trying to pull the foot upwards
against resistance.
*Swelling and tenderness over the tibialis anterior
*Pain when the foot and toes are bent downwards.

My brother used to do muay thai boxing for years.
His school used to follow traditional "shin
conditioning" practices - including the hard rolling,
and thumping of a old coke bottle up and down the
front of the shins to deaden the nerves in his

He is in his 30's now and virtually crippled now
from the constant full blast pounding that his shins
took. After conditioning sessions - his muscles
would swell inside the muscle sheath on the front
of his shins and almost cripple him with pain. He
would even complain that the weight of a blanket
hurt his shins when they were really inflamed.

A consultation with a orthopedic surgeon revealed
that all the 'conditioning' in the world only has
minimal change to the bone architecture of the
shin. Possible minor calcification at best.

There is a lot of data floating about on the net
about it.


Thanks for the link

so its all technique, no way to make the bone denser

well ok, thanks dude

Great post Mr. Sleaze. Sad to hear that about your bro', though...