our Commercial won an award

Dont know how hard it is to win but it won a bronze. Kinda cool.

        The 28th Annual TELLY Awards

Winner / Client Title of Entry Category City, State
Cody Redmer
XS Combat Sports L.L.C.
Dakota Fighting Championships CR12 West Fargo, ND

Damn, that really was a very well-done commercial.

oh it had a cheesy voice but it was submitted without it, lol.


what program(s) is used to make stuff like that?

EXCELLENT work. You definitely deserved that award.

Well done and well deserved.

Grats on the award.

I do not know what programs were used, I did not make the commercial. I did do  work as far as story board and final editing (what I liked and disliked) but a college kid named Cody made the commercial. He used equipment from a church he works at editing thier video for televised sermons.

That was a tremendous commercial!

Wow that was really good.

I disagree, this was our commercial before we met Cody