Our day at the MMA Expo.

Had to tell all the peoples what a blast we had at the IMMAE this past weekend. We (the Tapout Locos) Had a live broadcast on saturday the 29th. Eventhough the feed got messed up we got to talk to some major people. Jake Sheilds was great and talked about fighting Cung Lee, Mike Joker Guyman came by and talked about being on a 72 hour hold due to his actions with the police. We also had Eddie Alvarez,Thomas Kenny, Dan Hardy, Mark Krenier (Tapout EXC.) and after singning for 2hours and 15min. straight Punk Ass came over and did a half hour with us. I will talk to Crooklyn and see if we can somehow clean up the feed and bring it to you all. It was worth going both days as their were all kinds of badd ass fighters and just watching Jeff Monson school people at the grappling tournament was awesome.