Our first regional Chik-fil-a opening soon

They fuck up my order and/or forget my straw with a smile every single time.

best chicken sandwich in the game.

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Been one in Bangor for years, still haven’t tried it

Make sure to get that peach milkshake when summer rolls back around.

Oh shit nevermind, what am I thinking. You guys don’t have summers up there.

Hot as hell this summer. Still t shirt and shorts now


So my thread was more about a gay couple running it. I see that there are a few cities like San Fran has blocked them. Would the LGBT in your area go eat there or are they on the no no list

So fucking over rated.

But them waffle fries

the LGBT community is as diverse in range of reasonable to radical as any other. you have your moderates and you have your zealots. I just know some Lesbians and Gay Chaps, don’t know any TGs and probably would not associate with a man dressed like a woman even though I support his FREEDOM to do so.

But how well do you know them?

I’m going to need diameter measurements. Doesn’t have to be exact, close will work.

One thing I can say about Chik Fil A is when I go to other fast food establishments its very rare I see a girl I’d bang. At Chik Fil A just about every female worker I’d like to take in the back and shove her face in the fry oil while I bang her in the ass.

I think the food is overrated, but the service is probably the best of any fast food place I’ve gone to.

And they’re probably the most consistent when it comes to quality.

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Every chick fil a I ever go to is filled with 16 year old girls and boys with zits.

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One of the most overrated fast food joints ever.

Except for the cleanliness and service, it’s top notch. Just wish their food would catch up to it.

KFC’s chicken sandwich is light years better and I generally do not like KFC.

I do prefer bone in. Also chicken tits in general are flavorless and overrated