Our forum...pretty doggone good...

I have been on another religious forum, and I can tell you, this forum is great. our worst debates would be models of civility on that other forum. In fact, most of the Christians get chased off by a few very dark souls.

Screw you rooster!

ttt thats cool news!


Post the links for these other forums, please. Just curious.

"Screw you rooster!"


sorry, I find that ver very funny

yours in Christ


It was meant to be...I'm glad somebody finally got it...I was getting ready to edit the message...

of course it did...your a filthy mudnamer


SOOO much love on the Holy Ground....


This is a good forum, actually. I think it has something to do with the age of the participants, even on the OG. Every participant seems to be at the very least 17 or 18, but usually much older.

Plus, this forum is kind of a hidden treasure- It's MMA fans talking about religion!

I agree..I keep telling people that the discussions here are characterised by an high intellectual level, mutual respect and dare I say it..a certain degree of brotherly love. It's great.

I stay away from the other 'Christian' forums because they tend to shout you down if you even have a slightly different view and I feel there's too much self-inflated hypocrisy.

Also, people on this forum know how to do arm bars properly!



Kolbe, if you think it's appropriate to advocate self copulation then...j/k!

It's so much more refreshing being here...

Oh come on rooster...being involved with Opus Dei, I'm much more interested in self-flagellation ;^)

Ha, I remember that from the da vinci codes... what a waste of my reading time.




I just took a peek at the forum. Just so I'm following properly: are you both "THE ROOSTER" and "Big Roost?"

(If so, out of curiousity: why two names?)



BTW, While I agree with some of Dave's stuff, he is a bit haughty isn't he?

I logged on from home and from work. I couldn't figure out how to get rooster originally.

It's different from this forum. The Christian presence seems pretty weak. It's more of a philosophy forum.

Dave is frankly, a jerk. I could argue all day with you or the guy Rusty on there. However, I really feel compelled to punch him out.

He makes some good points, some bad, many assumptions and then follows everything with a myriad of insults.

I'd be satisfied starting with, there is a God. You've said you've argued that before. Are you going to try to take a shot at him?

Are you going to be prof?

The theistic position I tend to support is that religious belief does not equate to being irrational.

I only skimmed the threads, but I'm not sure I saw Dave or anyone use the "belief in God is irrational and unjustified" argument. (Did he/they?).

BTW, you were right about Brazilian/Gracie JJ. :-)

The musings that Gracie's BJJ isn't street-worthy is silly. The Gracies were whooping butt in anything-goes fighting, including LOTS of streetfights in the mean streets of Brazil, before any NHB rules came along.

Anyone who's seen the Gracie In Action vids knows that even in controlled challenge matches the Gracie method was hardly limited to mere rolling on the ground. They incorporated everything needed per the situation: head butts, knees, elbows, punches, kicks, throws, slams, even bighting off a piece of ear...you name it, they did it. They didn't get to where they are, and revolutionize MA by being dummies.


Yes, Dave thinks belief in God is unjustified and irrational.

Sorry, rooster, only today I saw the link, thank you.

I have to register to read it... and I´m reluctant to register in one more forum...

Hey, I'm glad I found this forum, or more acurately, was pointed to this forum by scuffler, who I train with. This has been a great outlet, and inlet, of ideas and inspirations since I've been on here. Plus, it's a great source of comedy, as is evidenced above:) It doesn't seem to matter what we are debating, the love seems to shine through. I'll be the first to apologize if I've ever offended anyone. You guys and gal are pretty cool folks, and though we may not agree, know that the love of Christ is extended to you all from my heart.

And you be good, Kolbe! :) That was hilarious!

God bless

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