Our gym needs mats - Please Help!!

If anyone out there has some used mats or anything, please give us a call 432 296 0860 or email us at wtxmma@yahoo.com.....some of our mats were stolen and vandalized and we are trying to get some more so that we dont have to postpone usual classes. (we didnt have insurance on the mats, MISTAKE WE WILL NOT BE MAKING AGAIN!!)


come on guys-somebody help them out!!!!!!!


with respect , who steals matt's?

^^^ Matt's what??

email Scott McCorkle at theempirecorp@aol.com-he has some he could donate.

maybe mccorkle needs a bunch of spam in is email inbox too... lol

Check around at some local high school. A lot of times when they get new wrestling mats they keep the old ones stashed somewhere and never use them, so you could probably pick some up cheap assuming you can find a school with some.

rival schools (not necessarily jits school) did it. time to get chuck norris on it...

We actually opened up this week and have only half the space for 30 students, so we had to stagger the class up big time, which hurts our business, i will email those who put their stuff down here, we really appreciate it. its just hard to afford to buy anymore equipment on a cop's salary