Our new website

 Our new website is up and running. Let us know what you think.




Would love to buy some shirts but you don't carry any size smalls.

FYI, from my experience, the sizes are actually a little small to begin with. TTT...

 The new web site looks sick. Some changes to the team i see

Really? Hmm I might just have to find a store and try one for size.

 our  shorts do run a little bigger than normal..so a size 30 will actually be a size 30 3/4. Just a little variance for the fluctuating in weight.

 Napalm..haha still alot of work on the site..still trying to gather more pictures to upload.

Yeah the shorts fit great!

Still the best shorts I own.

From a marketing perspective, the colorful tattoos on the guy draw all the attention. You want the focus on your product.

I've got two pairs of shorts and they do run a little big. Drawstrings fix that. My shirt shrunk a little so if you want a snug fit get a medium and toss it in the dryer a fwe times.

Great gear. I won't wear any other shorts.

Any idea on if you guys will get into rashguards or gi patches? How about new short patterns?

I can't say enough good things about your shorts.  Top tier! 

 Murdoch....we are still waiting for our new shorts samples to arrive..We changed the pattern on these new shorts. Still working on what design to print on our rashguard. The patch will be upload on the site tomorrow.

ttt for the best in the biz

Hitman FightGear...I think you have a new shadow now...and it is not me..LOL

 Bihn, Just bustin your chops. Always good to see you posting here.