Our Turd In Chief Can't Even Ride A Bicycle! Almost Kills Himself!

Trump can’t even get on a bike!

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Lol. This can’t get enough vote ups

Yeah. When I first heard about this, I thought it was worse that what it was. I’ll give him a bit of a pass because of the toe harness. I’m guessing that Joe doesn’t ride very often and he’s probably never used those things before.

Toe harnesses have caused me to spill similarly. It just isn’t a good look for Joe considering most people already think hes a potato

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What a fuckin idiot

There’s no way this is real right?

I would vote for him over Biden and I’ve never even heard of him. Hell, I would vote for Hunter Biden over Joe if he switched over to the Republican party.

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LOL@ people blaming the toe clips for his accident.

It’s 2022, who the fuck still uses toe clips?


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Biden does…hes basically a Tour de France caliber cyclist

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Shutup, Chesterman

Any guesses why Trump seldom (never?) attacks Biden personally? At least not lately. Here he had a golden (no pun intended) opportunity to take a shot at the President and he gives him the Ghislaine treatment and “wishes him well”?

Hint: Only sitting Presidents can offer pardons from federal crimes.

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Kevsh is mentally handicapped.

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As someome who voted for Hogan twice. He is a republican only by association. Ran on changing gun laws, never lifted a finger using the age old excuse of there is nothing i can do.

However, he has managed to do some good in the Great Republic of Maryland. Ran into the ground by mostly democrats he has kept the ship afloat and fair for most. Tells you how it is and even managed to the job pretty well even when battling cancer.

You dont have a whole shit ton of bright ideas and you are rarely correct on anything outside of pie chart in which you hand pick the variables. This is something i can agree with you on. Not to mention anything is better then the shitstain currently in office.

How the fuck did he get in office?

Was trump really that bad that you resort to this? His diversity hire VP and press secretary are also mind blowing.

I personally know black women who could do the job better and still check the boxes, maybe not the black, lesbian, female, immigrant quad punch but close

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That stunning orange jumpsuit really brings out the blue in his eyes…

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