out of date, but kimbo slice?

I just heard about this guy. Is he legit? Didn't a real MMA fighter whomp him down?

who is Kimbo Slice?

first is of him fighting(boxing) in a backyard fight against some dude

and then a "sparring" lol match between him and pro mma fighter sean gannon(the match was, I guess, supposed to be all standup but rules were broken)

kimbo is a street fighter. if you haven't seen his two fights check them out ( go to kazaa etc.). quite entertaining. that man can take a shot i'll tell you that much

all i know is that you'd better give him his bread



Lol @ who is Kimbo ...

We want to get to know the man...
behind the bread...


Can he fight? Or is he just another Tank type of guy who gets picked apart and destroyed by a skilled fighter?

skull deforming power, rock solid chin, quick, athletic, good boxing skills, ferocious.

a hard man to beat by the underground fight rules he competes in.

But - ZERO groundgame, probably has little defense against leg kicks, and his cardio is not as good as an elite pro fighter - if you can keep from being knocked out early, you may be able to beat him with better cardio.

So he's just another Tank Abbott type?

is kimbo vs gannon on kazaa?? if so what is it under. thanks ug.