Out of Fireball in a snowstorm? No problem!

This is how we do it in Michigan, baby! Shot on Superbowl Sunday...one man and his dream of Fireball.

Blue, please.


I get a feeling shit like this may become common place in the near future!

That was badass, man. Phone Post 3.0


Need more of this in my life. Haha.

Rich white fuckers and their toys. I love it.

Jameson and Crown > Fireball Phone Post 3.0

First Fireball sucks

Second the guy had like two shots of Fireball how did he think he wouldn't run out of it

Anything is better than Fireball, but when you're a rich white fucker, you sometimes slum it.

Second, you haven't failed to finish off a bottle while wildly intoxicated, then didn't notice you were low until the big game is on during a raging snow storm? Fuck you because you must be from California and not Michigan. Phone Post 3.0

Lol Phone Post 3.0

Very cool. Not sure why a grown man is willingly drinking fireball. Phone Post 3.0

Not gonna lie i like Fireball. Jack Daniels Fire is much better though.

Bahahahahahahah this is great ! Phone Post 3.0

This is what drone designers had in mind, IMO.

Fireball Fireball Fireball Phone Post 3.0

Yes, I hope this is what drone designers had in mind. Now, we need heavy lifting capabilities to carry more! Phone Post 3.0

Down it goes. Phone Post 3.0

Could you imagine drug dealing services with drones. No need to meet up in public to make an exchange or have position of the drug on you. Just fly the drone around and make your stops to customers.

That video was actually pretty sweet!! That Drones got some legs on them, eh!?!

But just to be a dick

Goldschlager > Fireball

Pretty cool except I can't believe they chose to use Fireball. What adult drinks that poison? I guess they did it for the song?

Lux Fixxins - How far did it go? Phone Post 3.0
I'll have to check the exact distance. I thought it was around 1-2 miles? Phone Post 3.0