Out of the Park Baseball 22

Won the offseason this morning when I beat 30 other human GMs & signed 2 highly coveted FAs overnight & filled 2 big holes. Weeks of back & forth negotiators. 

It was a nice email this morning. Not many games can deliver that experience. Never gets old.


anyone playing?

OOTP GO (mobile) is close.


Available now. Free to download, free to play.

A mobile game deeper than most (all?) other baseball games.

Sweet! Thanks for the knowledge. Wonder what the in app purchases will be. I’m downloading now

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awesome! my pleasure.

Perfect Team is a a baseball card collecting, head to head, full season mode where you can dump real money in & buy cards. I play free & made it to the Diamond level (one below Perfect - the top) so it’s not necessary at all. anyone can gain PP (perfect points) to use through tourneys, achievements & selling cards you don’t want/need. A LOT of people play F2P (free to play) & set up leagues where you compete against others doing the same.

IIRC, some historical seasons might cost extra. the KBO as well. I’ve never put any extra money into a game or app & I don’t plan on starting now. I am still 100% sure I will love this game.

any questions, just ask. I’m staring to play around with it tonight as well but it sounds like almost a complete copy of the destktop version (which is , IMO, mind blowing). I’ve played that for a few years now.

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I bought the 1985 Season and am managing the Toronto Blue Jays, to right the wrong of losing to the Royals in the Drive of ‘85!

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LOL. That’s great.

Hope you love it like I do brother. Starting something today. Spent most the night playing around with my Perfect Team.

The desktop version still blows the app away, but I’m amazed at what they included in it.

Also, if you get into Perfect Team, a good way to earn packs to rip is their Twitch channel. OOTP has something every day to watch (people taking baseball, their franchise, running tourneys, breaking down cards & new card drops, etc) & you earn pack drops (5 per day) by tuning in.

you don’t have to watch, just tune in. good for 20+ packs a week. all free.