outside the lines

 thought about this when someone mentioned it on another thread. everyone here should constantly send in as much mma related news as possible, some, maybe a lot, will be ignored, but they will cover some of the stories. mainstream coverage for mma is never a bad thing, and hopefully it will gain more exposure

whats the email we can submit these ideas to?

and what would be some good ideas to send? im sure the more ppl that send in the same idea the more likely they are to cover it as well

just some of the more obvious ones:

fedor vs rogers

machida vs shogun

anderson silva and the middleweight division

carwin vs brock

diego vs bj

the rampage fiasco


overeem and the strikeforce title

is competition betw orgs a good or bad thing?

how is akiyama so sexy?

bad refereeing/judging

problem with athletic commissions

mma rules/judging (submissions in scoring, kicks and knees to a downed opponent, elbows)

any more ideas?

its a noble and praise-worthy effort, but i guarantee you it will have no effect on the stories they decide to cover.

frontrowbrian -  if it's not Brett Favre or Tim Tebow related, you're not getting on ESPN

Pretty much sums it up.

 true, but they did a poll seeing whether or not they should cover more mma. with enough suggestions i think they could realize this is what ppl want to see

and maybe we'd have to start with stuff they wanna hear (ie herschell walker in mma, kimbo), then get in the important stuff (fedor, mousasi, machida, silva, aoki, etc)

bismanfightclub - I saw them do a piece on Manny Ramirez once.  Although it was a very short piece sandwiched between stories about Brett Favre and Tim Tebow.

Did Manny happen to mention his thoughts on Favre or Tebow?

Now THAT'S a story I'd like to see!

 ttt. come on with enough effort we can get mma on espn more, even if its just a little more

 Well Hendo made the top 10 plays after his Bisping KO at UFC 100. 

 thats what im sayin, with enough submissions about true mma topics, like the important things we talk about on here, they may discuss them. not the is ufc ok, brock lesnar post fight antics, just a nice ko, etc. like actual topics that would be good for discussion about the sport