Over the leg pass defense

Here is a counter i like to use. Lets say he is cutting his right knee across your left leg. As he is cutting sit up and overhook his left arm with your right. As his knee gets to the ground shrimp onto your left side and bring your right leg across his stomach hooking your foot into his hip. (be careful not to get caught with a heel hook)

Now let him to proceed with the pass. As he brings his body around to pass use the leg cutting across to grambi yourself underneath him. Now as u go underneath the overhook allows your one leg to beat his arm which allows you to go straight into a triangle.

Worst case u get guard back....usual case after practice u get a triangle.

Brad Souders

I use this as my primary guard pass. If you do it right there isn't a chance for the person to get half guard. If you're sliding say you're right shin over their left leg, then it's a bad idea, unless your goal was simply to get into their half guard. In doing this type of pass, it's always better to bring your other shin across, so your right shin slides across their right thigh. To do this type of move you have to pin their leg down either with your hands or with your shin as you go across. The best counter to the pass I've seen is to pre-emptively shut it down like some suggested above. When someone breaks your guard open(your ankles), don't wait for their next move, make yours and switch to a scisser sweep, some type of open guard, whatever. Switch to any type of open guard with practice can allow you to more easily defend them getting control of your legs. I like to transition by immediately switching to a scissor sweep when my ankles get broken apart or even just before that(say they were looking to pass on my right side) by bringing my right shin across their stomach to attempt the sweep. If it fails I then just bring my right knee back into an upright position and put my feet in their hips. This has the added bonus of catching them with one arm in and one arm out in your open guard, which is a better position to attack from than if they had both arms on the inside.

If they've already got the leg pinned down and are going for the pass, see above suggestions.

I second what FreestyleJJ said. Think about it - for your opponent to pass your (now) open guard, he has to go FORWARDS (either over or under one of your legs). If you put your leg(s) in his hip(s) or your knee in his stomach or chest. He'll have a harder time moving forwards and you can move your hips as you have to.



My friend Tim Burrill showed me a sweet technique that I use quite a bit.

If the guy is going through you leg over, grab his opposite hand/sleeve and push it between his legs, then straighten your top leg out, then bump him forward with your knee on his rear. Turn aggressively to your stomach and finish the sweep.

This works and I have done it against really tough guys. Also, if you miss it, you may get their back or go back to guard.


Hey Dan, good tips.

Keep the good info coming.

Ken J