Overclocking HO's

Man, those mobile xp2500M's have a crazy overclocking headroom.


They come at 1.8ghz stock and some people are hitting 2.5-2.7ghz on air:). That brings it up to app. xp3800? Somewhere around there anyways.

Whoa, hold up, when someone says:

"AMD 2500 mobile AQXFA 0335

Does that really mean he's got his AMD 2500 mobile running at 2900MHz? Cuase that's just crazy, thats over a 1GHz increase in running speed (assuming I'm reading it correctly). Granted from his temps I htink he's using some insane cooling but still

yeah, that's 2900mhz. I don't know about the cooling on the specific one you speak of but they're hitting 2500mhz on air on the avg and I've seen quite a few around 2700-2900mhz which is amazing. The one benefit the mobile chips seem to have is that they run at 1.4volts at stock so they seem to run much cooler.

I wouldn't doubt it. The regular 2500 XP is incredible as well. With a good mobo and memory, I've hit over 2.4 GHz with it, easy...and more than once. And I was only using a cheap $30 cooler and some Arctic Silver. Especially considering the lower voltage, 2.9 GHz could be possible with a high-end cooler, but that's getting pretty risky. Just make sure to spring the extra bucks and get PC3500 memory so you can jack up the FSB big time. Even Corsair XMS PC3200 tends to crap out at around 450 MHz.

yeah, they seem to pair up very well with the nforce2 version 2.0 mobos. I've got the nf7-s and I have no problem hitting 2.2ghz but can't seem to get much higher(could be the stock cooler or maybe even the psu that is showing 11.80volts on the 12v rail)I'm going to have to build someone a system using the 2550M and switch it with mine:)...all in a good days work. I'll off my pc3200 for some pc 3500 as well at that point.

On a good note(totally off topic) memory prices seem to be dropping back down to sane prices and now is a good time to buy.