Overcoming Burnout

Hey Tony
Do you ever get burned out training if so how do you overcome burnout? Is it a mental thing?? I noticed the more I trained the worst my performance got thats why I havent been training for a month..My question is how do I get motivated to start training again?? What do you do to get motivated.

Hmmm. SO many ideas come to mind. I know we've covered this before. Scan through the archived list as well. Lot's in there.

I'd recommend you continue to take time off and just get away from it all. Dont analzye it or burden yourself with the why's & what's.

Then watch some highlight videos, but dont go work out. Let the itch start again.

Also, study some 'other' area of martial arts for a bit, whether its a book, video or class some where, just occupy yourself with something different.

That works for me sometimes. Often my burnout is travel related and not from overtraining.

ANyhow, hopesome of that helps.