overdue (pics)

My ink by Mario

he did all the work but the 3 small dragons in the middle.

healed up.

just after it was completed.


thanks! :) I love it.

good stuff

Yay Lil One!!!

Very nice!

...and the tattoos weren't too bad either!




tramp stamp, IMO

yep.. I'm a total tramp.. :p

Hi Fernando! :)

It's true, she is.

dragons of pern?

MrB.. pretty much. :)

Nice tats little one!

thank you! :)

I'm going to have to see the tatts without the denim effect.  Just to clarify.  I'm just saying....


lol how did I JUST see this post FERA BRABA! LMAO

LO is definitely my kind of lady


that's cool

Mario kicks ass. I'd sit in his chair any day.