Overeem Chokes Female Reporter


If someone could translate would be amazing. :)


I was expecting him to be choking her with his…

guillotine, he's vicious with that thing Phone Post

. Phone Post

Haha yeah i remember this, he gave her a floggin, and she fucking loved it! Phone Post

When he slapped her is was like "WTF"! She loved it. Looked like a fun interview. We should see more of these. Phone Post

Looks so good and tight... girl's kinda cute too.

LOL THIS A FUNNY ASS VIDEO... Sexual tension baby Phone Post

If you look closely you can see that she's wet as fuk! Phone Post


Reporter was hot. Isn't this the second female he is beating on video? How about that one where he thai kick this 4'9" girl?


at 2:43 she has an orgasm, because at 2:39 Overeem gives a little smirk that says "now I stick my horse cock into your asshole". They're Dutch, very straight forward people.

She seems like fun though

Yeah, she's cute as hell.

It's too long to translate completely but basically Overeem does a good job at explaining MMA in layman's terms saying its popularity is growing rapidly in the US and in two or three years it will be bigger than boxing. He warns the girl that the techniques, especially the chokes can be dangerous and makes sure she's up for it, which obviously she is.

Relevant translations:
1:20 "That's my ass, you dickhead!"
3:49 "Can I please finish my closing comments, dude?"
4:11 "Well okay. There can be only one winner... And it's not me... At least, not today."