Overeem heading back to kickboxing

Signed with Glory. No debut date set yet


I hope he’s able to avoid too much further head trauma, I was hoping he’d go to Bellator where the competition doesn’t appear to be as stiff for HW. I think he flat lines Bader even at this stage of his career



We going to see uberreem back?

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Lol @ cryptic

What else would taking off UFC gloves and throwing them on the floor possibly mean? I guess retiring but that’s about it.

Here’s comes head trauma Ubereem

I really hope he’s not retiring because of money problems. Glory doesn’t pay huge money.

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I wouldn’t be surprised if he made a decent comeback in kickboxing. You can take a lot more punishment with those 10 oz. gloves, plus it’s easier to defend. Not sure who’s left in Glory these days to begin with. Seems like everyone quit.

He can make a decent comeback if he juices again. He only started taking all these L’s before he got on and after he got off

I spoke to him on the phone once. really nice guy, very glad to chat and explain his thoughts. always been a massive fan.

but for well over 5 years now I’ve been amazed that he is still able to speak clearly. how many KOs will this man eat before the effects catch up with him? has he no advisers?

genuinely asking out of concern, I hope more than most things in combat sports, that Alistair fucking Overeem gets to live out his life in healthy glory after all he has achieved.

fuck kickboxing

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Rico destroys him.

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I hope he gets on that horse meat again. Maybe get a revenge match against Bigfoot.