Overeem: I Wanted to Be the One to Beat Fedor

Strikeforce Heavyweight Champion Alistair Overeem feels Fedor Emelianenko ducked him and is ready to rematch Fabricio Werdum. Interview by Chuck Mindenhall. Shot and edited by Rick Lee.

Overeem has been giving good interviews. He will destroy Werdum.

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overeem is p4p best:) - nuthugger

I think Overeem should face Kombo Slice


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hey guys, alistair here. thanks for the kind words, fedor's a pussy, and i banged your moms

LukeCranson - I think Overeem should face Kombo Slice

Oh.. yeah, he definitely needs to fight Kombo.. for sure, bro.

Kombo Sloce would kock the shot out of Ivereem