Overeem visits the doctor who injected him

In this video Overeem visits "Molina Medical". This is in Texas pre-Werdum fight.

Tre Telligman, the guy that Alistair said introduced him to this doctor, makes an appearance .



honestly this is looking bad for the reem, just be quite move on and re apply saying you have changed.

Thanks epwar for the embed!

Is that Zuffa's Mark Ratner with Overeem at the end?  If so, LOL @ Dana and co. being surprised Overeem was seeing this quack.

 all natural Horse Meat

This is actually fantastic for the Reem. It corroborates his story, and shows he wasn't trying to hide anything about his association with the doctor.

If the doctor was truly a steroid pusher, there is no WAY anyone would put themselves on video walking into their clinic.

Based on this, how can you not believe his ignorance? Its at least plausible.

 Tra Telligman is yoked.

epwar - Is that Zuffa's Mark Ratner with Overeem at the end?  If so, LOL @ Dana and co. being surprised Overeem was seeing this quack.

No, that is not him.

 telligman looks like he could jump back in now if he wanted to

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Later Phone Post

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Pat Lundvall is a hot milf

man watching some of those videos.. some of these suits are way over condescending assholes.

They try to be so witty

Kneeblock - 
octowussy - 
BadrMilk - Props to Tra for staying in shape after retiring, mark of a true sportsman.

Seeing as how he's such a fan of Dr. Molina...

 Bingo. Tre is the hook-up.

That's usually how these things work "I know a guy who will..."

i havent watched the hearing video, but during it did Overeem submit this video of his doctor visit?