Overeem vs Silva= Work?!?

I've never made a thread like this before but, I was re watching Pride 11 or 13 I can't remember which one. But it was the one with the Assuerio Silva vs Valentin(sp) Overeem fight.

Overeem is all over Silva like a dirty shirt for a while. A bit tentative but in control. When he starts to kick the legs he throws like two kicks and leaves his leg in between Silva's leg just begging to be submitted.

(pauses for swig of beer)

Ahhh....Well then Silva proceeds to heelhook Overeem who seems to offer no defence. Silva applied the heelhook slower than my dead grandma.

When the fight is over Silva doesn't seem to give a shit that he won at all. Overeem doesn't seem to care that he lost either.

What gives....Was this a worked fight?

I swear I really don't ever give much creedence to worked fight threads and honestly don't usually give a shit. This fight is never brought up on those threads though.

overeem is a horrible fighter tho...

i thought it was a worked fight when i saw it.

Assuerio never shows much emotion.

Valentijn is an incredibly talented heavyweight, but he has no heart. He gives up very easily. He's done this in plenty of fights, not just against Assuerio.

Maybe it was worked. But the way the fighters acted during that fight are just part of their personalities, I believe.

Ryan G. hit it on the head. Overeem is a talented, but not an exceptionally bright fighter. He does give up frequently, usually because he puts himself in very vulnerable positions. Bit of a head case also. Check out the Faverus fight, where he walks out of the ring bitching about Rodney being "greased up".

Valentijn is perhaps the biggest waste of talent in the HW division. Guy has all the physical tools, and has a well rounded game.

But, it seemed when the test came of mental character, he failed.

He lost twice to Minotauro in RINGS, got submitted. Instead of this inspiring him to work harder and get better, it seemed to break him mentally. He doesn't seem to care anymore.

If Valentijn had his brother's heart, he would be a top ten fighter. Without a doubt.