Overeem will go down in round 1

Paul Buentello for the win ! The most underrated HW in Mixed Martial Arts.

And Overeem one of the most overrated fighters. Buentello does everything better then Overeem. And has something extra, A heart !

WAR Headhunter

Paul hits harder than Overeem and has better hands all around. Alistair tends to pitter pat with his punches. The only hard strike he has is his knee.
Paul also understands pacing a fight much better as well.
Paul via KO right around 3 minutes into the first. That's right around when Alistair tends to decide he'd rather be doing something else, even when he's winning a fight.

"Paul via KO right around 3 minutes into the first. That's right around when Alistair tends to decide he'd rather be doing something else, even when he's winning a fight."

That's a perfect assessment of Alastair as a fighter, unfortunately.

Paul should win this fight when Alistair gases like he typically does near the end of the first round. There are 2 X-factors though.

  1. Overeem gassed in the 1st RD in many of his PRIDE fights, but those were 10 minute opening RDs. Granted he was KO'd by Shogun in the first in Vegas... but it seemed it was due to him being outclassed and not gassing.

  2. Overeem is a HUGE light heavyweight. I don't know how much weight he cuts before hand, but if he is cutting a ton it could be one of the factors responsible for his poor stamina in the past. This fight will be at HW so Alistair wont need to cut weight.

Overall I think this is a great fight and I'm a fan of both fighters. My official pick is Paul B. by TKO in the second.

overeem also gasses as a heavyweight, but he is a little better. i wouldnt count him out, buentello can be caught

Overeem has to KO him like Arlovski did. If not, he will gas and just stand there and get punched in the face. If he loses that will be how many in a row? He should retire if loses this one.

Overeem hasn't done too well in the last couple of years. He may be slightly overrated but who has he lost to?

Lil Nog

So he may not be #1 material but his losses have only been to the very elite. The only high-caliber fighters Buentello has faced were Arlovski and Rodriguez. This is IMO a quite even matchup, with the edge to Overeem. Since this is at Paul's natural weight though (heavyweight) I see paul maybe wearing Alistair down with strength and clinch work.

Even matchup, Overeem by split decision.

Everyone blames Overeem's gas tank or heart but the guy's biggest weakness is his chin.

He gets grazed and he's on queer street. Always been like that. His bro is the guy with no heart.

Paul doesn't have the same MMA skills as Overeem but he's stronger and tougher all the way around. No matter how much Overeem lands it won't be enough.

It must suck that you spend all these years developing these skills only to be demolished by someone who was born with the genetic toughness factor.

Paul by destruction in any round.

Those huge biceps make him gas haha

Let me take a guess as how this goes. Overreem starts fast, rocks Paul with big punches and kicks. Towards the rounds end Paul combacks and lands some good punches. Round 2 Paul lands a big shot. Overeem is staggered and completely gassed. Ref moves in and stops the fight.