Overextending on the right hand?

I found while i was sparring yesterday i was overextending on the right hand, the overhand and the right cross. I have been working alot on my footwork lately but i didnt notice this till yesterday. I end up with my head down to the left and my right arm WAY out, a bit off balance.

funny you mention that bro, i was just watching the forrest-mosley fight (the second one) and it seems like both guys were loading up and over-extending...putting every bit of weight into their punches...maybe forrest won because he was winning the jab war..then again, I'm no world champ so who am i to talk...



funny you mention that wanderer, I actually recall an interview with Forrest before the second fight in which he was saying that one of the things he and his trainers were working on was not leaning to far to the left when throwing the punch. I guess doing this reduces the power to the punch as the force is coming at an angle rather than directly behind the forward motion. I believe Forrest is credited though with a powerful right hand.

I found the best remedy for the over-extended right hand is planning on the NEXT punch. e.g. Jab, hard cross and a harder hook to the body.

I overextended my emotional commitment to my right before I over-threw the actual punch...so investing emotional energy in envisioning the next punch was a good way to fix my head which, in turn, fixed the punch.

Move your feet.

Good advice rastus. This started working for me. Thanks.

My pleasure, Mr. Gibson...