Overlord and stuff

I downloaded the latest 360 batch of demo and here my tought (would like to get yours too!)

Overlord : Pikmin with an evil twist with some cool dark humors on top of it. I found the demo great and funny , with a couple of lol moments.Camera needs some getting used too , the controle also but nothing major, after 5 min everything was ok, graphics looks great also. BryBry I know your always looking for something differente, this game might be for you.

potential of the game : Earlie sign points to great things,possible buy.

ThenchuZ : Graphics are not on the pretty side, yet not completely ugly. I like the gameplay so far, and the facts that you can take many diffent route to get to the same point.The game dont feel really different then the other tenchu, so if you liked the other one, you should like this one. The game will have Multiplayer and Co-op trought Xbox live and System link maybe spit screen , but i am not sure , unfurtunatly those modes are not in the demo.

potential of the game: not too impress , might rent it to play system link co-op. if thats proves to be fun... maybe buy , but i doubt it.

Vampire Rain : Really feel like a budget game, animation is weird, tried two levels (demo has 4), decided that i hated the game,so i stop playing.the vampire kills you in 2 hits , your gun dont seems to affect them, I also thought the premised for the game was that water hurts vampires... well they are all running under the rain...Voice acting is has bad has the earlie resident evil games. not interested in the least.

potential of the game : should not be sold for more then 30$, and even then it would be a ripoff.

Thats the last three demo I played.

I didn't like how i could not invert the tenchu Demo also the outfit is such
a steaming pile of shit. Overlord is not my cup of tea

Totally agree about the costume part of tenchu, why does your teammate have a bigger selection anyway???? your not playing him...

I played Hour of victory also , its so generic that I forgot... I do love WWII FPS alot, even tho we have been forced fed them for too long. HOV has a nice concept: you select a character and have different path you can take inside the same level. Unfurtunatly, the concept doesnt work too much because of poor design, You tell me my guy is a hardened SAS soldier , but can't climb a rope???? only the sniper dude can???? stupid. also the level you can play in the demo is horrible. The game is no fun.

Potential: not looking good...