Overview of the Arnolds

Im thinking about competing in Sanshou at the Arnolds this year. Can anybody who has competed there before give me a rundown of the tournament and day. Stuff like, money i have to spend, rules, divisons, length of a match, what gear i need, etc...

Thanks for the input as this will be my first time competing in Sanshou.


The day has been very long both times I've been there.

I think I spent like 60-80 dollars to compete. If you include hotel and food it is alot more.

Rules I believe will be Sanda this year. That means you can punch, kick, throw, and knee to the body.

Equipment is head gear, boxing gloves, and shin and instep protection.

Length of match is two minutes rounds with one minute break in between. You will go to a third round only if there is a split between the first two rounds on winners. Kind of like best out of three.

Division are broken up on weight and levels. There is a "B" level that is suppose to be for fighters without alot of fights and a "A" level for non beginners.

thanks brad