Ovreem's Fight In PRIDE 28?

Does anyone else think it sucked for the amount of times Overeem
made Kanehara stand up? Don't you think the fight was just kind of
boring? Don't you think there should be some effort to make that
situation fair for both the ground fighter and the striker.

Granted, that could change the dynamic of alot of PRIDE matches, I
don't have a solution myself, but I know there was something wrong
about that situation. Boring match in my opinion. Also Overeem said
that he was anxious to become the PRIDE middleweight champ. Fat

I wanted him to fight like it was a real fight and not like he was taking
advantage of the rules. That's what I would have liked to have seen.

Or seen Ovreem knock Kanehara out convincingly. The fight felt a little
embarrassing to watch for both fighters.

Well in real fight i'll bet all my money that Ovareem would stand up as well.

Kanehara was stalling, bottom line. If he wanted the fight on the ground so bad, he should have tried some takedowns.

The only dissapointing thing was Overeem not finishing Kanehara. Instead of jumping in with a knee and clinching everytime, he should have stayed outside and used his reach with some punches. His tactics basically negated much of his advantage standing.

I have to agree with Sadyv..

Overeem's gonna have a nice reach advantage over anyone in the middleweight division, he's got to use it. I'd actually like to see Overeem up close to Rampage or Silva, he looks freaking huge (especially wearing his fucking club shirt in his interview!).


Overeem is a cocky prick.I wish that little dude would have had some skill.

Kanehara has a ton of skill. He's defeated Horn, Menne, Sauer, Cacareco, Serrano, Valentijn (only the Horn win was by decision). That alone shows he's got skills. He can win by KO or submission.

But his body is beat up, and he's way past his prime. His knee is totally shot. He used to be a great fighter.

Very boring fight.