OWGP: Don't count Barnett out.

I hear Nog , Aleks, cro-cop and everyone is counting Josh out.

Josh can beat all three of those guys.

Crocop he's fought twice, once he was injured through no ones fault or effort. Second time he came in in bad shape with injuries and not properly trained. In this outing he stands with crocop, and pushes him aroudn the ring. Crocop gets a takedown or two but does nothing(i'm sure josh wasn't expecting this) with them.

Josh lost a descision and rightfully as he didn't try to finish the fight. but he showed that at half speed he can hang with Mirko, who had just taken fedor to the descision also.

I don't think ALeks is ready for Josh, josh is no james thompson...

I predict if fedor doesn't come in that Josh wins the whole thing. Crocop will beat Nog in the rematch and josh will beat him. Fedor has the tools to beat josh, for sure. I get to be there to watch Josh beat his little brother up, in person live in Osaka, i can't wait!


he did in superbrawl

He proved that he can win multiple fights in one night by winning an 8-man tournament that also included Bobby Hoffman, Heath Herring, and Ricco Rodriguez, among others.

Fedor gives thumbs down.

Barnett is a beast. The guy is very well rounded and tough as nails. Alex VS Josh will be interesting to say the least.

vs Cro cop Barnett ko'ed

vs Fedor Barnett TKO'ed or pounded

vs Mino outside shot at LnP on him

vs Aleks Barnett ko'ed probably

Yoshida wins this GP, guys.

If you don't think Josh can beat anyone, you no nothing about the sport. He's skilled and large. Nuff said, he has a chance to beat anyone.

Even in horrible shape he goes the distance with a top 10 guy, who just went the distance with the champ. And you question his skills?


John Kerry,
You don't want to take into account that he had 2 bad legs and a bad back going into that match, and didn't train for it?

Did you see the difference in his shape in the Nakamura match?

What if that barnett is the one in the OWGP? The actually aggressive in shape and ready to fight Barnett would have won that fight. he did well completely out of shape.


Hey everyone news flash Barnett will not win the gp. Big Nog has to be the favorite with Hunt I do like Yoshida but the man that has the speed, the size, the strength, great striker, and very solid ground game that i picked last summer in the mw gp and everyone laughed and he made it to the semifinals THE DEMOLITION MAN FROM HOLLAND ALLISTAR OVEREEM!!!!!! He destroyed Kartoniv last time out beat Vochanchin and Belfort in the gp and gave Sho Gun a hell of a fight and he won it all. Without cutting weight this man is dangerous.

He stands a good shot beating anybody in the tournament.

Too late

I stand corrected Overeem couldn't handle Werdum. You can see the improvment in Werdum's striking game every fight out. With the final 8 set I wouldn't bet the farm on any of them. In my opinion here is the rankings of the guys left. 8 Fabricio Werdum 7 Josh Barnett 6 Hunt 5 Fujita 4 Yoshida 3 Cro cop 2 Nogueria and 1 FEDOR. However any given night 1 punch can change all of this and the matchups are going to be key to any predictions. OOOOHHH final ranking for Tim Sylvia not in the top 16 couldn't win a single fight in this tournament.

Josh proves better than Alex. Only real threats are: Cro-cop, Nog, Fedor. I don't think werdum, fujita, yoshida, or hunt are well rounded enough to beat him.

Werdum, josh can just sprawl and brawl on him.

hunt, Josh should clinch and takedown. His ground game is way better.

Fujita, will be more sprawl and brawl or a possible sub. he's just too one dimensional.

Yoshida, he should just avoid all standing clinches, and throw hands at him.

It's a very nicely stacked tournament. It was awesome being at the first round, anyone rich wanna send me to the finals, I'll name my first born after you.