Own Chuck Lidell's head!

Check out this Ebay item: http://cgi.ebay.com/ws/eBayISAPI.dll?ViewItem&category=348&item=5953608627&rd=1


Dude I would totally get a little head from CHuck....I mean.....

wonder if this is real.....another ebay item

That looks more like Stripe from the Gremlins then it does Chuck.




wow that medal is bad ass. i remember they gave those out to guy mezger when he won the middle weight tournament

Don't you mean Jerry Bohlander?

im pretty sure it was when guy beat tito ortiz in the finals via guillotine choke

I'm checking, but I clearly remember Bohlander getting one, and Vitor the other as a heavyweight.

That was UFC 12 Judgement day, when Vitor and Jerry were the weight class winners.

LOL @ the Stripe call.

I'd buy that for $10.

Kerr got one of those medals at some point, too.

It doesnt look anything like Chuck!!!

looks like a lost head of a Viking

The UFC gave those medals out to the winners of the 4 man tournys they had for the LW,MW and HW divisions.

Alot of guys got them like Kerr,Jackson,Bohlander,

Its a shame that some fighter is that broke to where he would sell something like that,i would be saving it for the grandkids.

Why would anyone settle for just 1  head??When you could have a 2 head trophy.......... sheesh