oxtail for lunch: victoria inn!

 by far, my favorite place for oxtail is still victoria inn in kaimuki. more the japanese style w/ no chinese parsley, but tofu and shiitake! best part, is it's still $7.95 a bowl WTF!

a little closer


 focus son focus! lol


*does look good

Looks damn good! But chinese parsley is the s**t. It's one of those things that I really hated as a kid but learned to absolutely love as I got older. Kinda the opposite of how I could mop 2 or 3 BOXES of chocolates when I was a kid but now just the smell would make me palu.

For oxtail I like Kapiolani Drive Inn in Waimalu, Mililani Drive Inn, and Waipahu Shiro's. Kapiolani also has ono pigs feet soup with a miso base.

All time favorite soup is PHO!

unlike 99% of hawaii, i hate PHO. somewhat repulsive to me. like sucking a pig's balls?

PHO is an acquired taste...literally. To be honest I hated the first two times I tried it, but I tried it for a third time and then I thought it was ok. By about the sixth or seventh time I was hooked. Ate it everyday for about 2 months. Similar situation with my girlfriend. Give it a chance. The best, of course, is "To Chau" on River St. but "South King PHO" and "PHO Cali" are good too.
Why did I keep trying it after I didn't like it you ask...because I hate hating food. I want to be the type of person who'll eat anything.
Hated natto for years. Used to try to eat it at least once a year but would always end up throwing up. Finally like the stuff. Acquired the taste for it after eating NATTOCHOS from Gyotaku...their version of nachos but with poke and natto instead of chili and cheese and won ton chips instead of tortilla chips.
Never sucked a pig's balls before but if that's what they taste like it's 69 time.

im with FCTV808 on PHO.

"By about the sixth or seventh time I was hooked. Ate it everyday for about 2 months. Similar situation with my girlfriend. Give it a chance."

my COD man! what are we talking about again?

Love the pho. I ate it a couple of times growing up and didn't really like it. Then in high school I was suddenly hooked.

Cilantro(chinese parsley)is amazing on most things. I didn't know the mexicans used it as much as they did.. love it in the oxtail soup with the ginger. oh man.. I could go for a bowl.

 Damn. Yet again FCTV creates a thread that makes me hungry. 

Oh and PHO is delicious!  WuTang is correct about the Cilantro (sometimes they call it culantro). Lets not forget about Pho Saigon.  Great to eat after getting trashed at Tsunamis.

 I was getting hungry for Ox tail until you guys mentioned the wiggling. 

If you hate pho, you're eating it wrong or ordering the wrong one. If done right, the worst you can say about it is, "Hmm, it's ok..."

But if you hate it, garans you put some weird sauce in there or something else was wrong.

nope, offended by the smell. hate might be a little strong, but avoid it at almost all cost i do.

all hype mobutu. hypedog imo

Sunrise in Kapahulu has a pretty decent Oxtail Soup. Hole in the wall place that I like.

The combo PHO is no doubt the best...how can go wrong with tendon and tripe?
Worth it to wait in line at River St. The taste is unreal. The 2 sisters who work the place are like the soup nazi in Seinfeld. You gotta wait till they call you in and tell you to sit or "no soup for you!" Sometimes they frickin' seat you with other people or they'll seat someone else with you. Witnessed a haole couple standing in line one time and they seated the people behind them first because they had a large group and the empty table was a big one. The guy peeks inside to try to talk to the waitress and he got SCOLDINGS for stepping inside before she asked him to. Couple was in so much shock all they could do was laugh and leave.
Tip...ask for a bowl of "oil" and add a spoon or 2 to the soup. It's basically the clear oil from the beef tendons and marrow...yum.

Kare kare is the shit. Add some pinapaitan, dinuguan, and dinakdakan and you're set.
Actually have a friend who'll make Pho with oxtail. Damn good but he only makes it like once a year or something. Says theres no reason to cook your own when you can just go out and buy a bowl.
Another killah soup are any of the nabemono from Futaba in Waipahu.

MobutuHari - In Hollywood, all hours of the day people are waiting in long lines in front of Pink's to buy a f'n hotdog! An f'n hotdog folks!

I would wait in line for the aforementioned but for an f'n hotdog?

Waiting in line for Pink's is about the experience, nothing else. Plus their polish dog is spicy enough to make me sweat. Love it.

Also, you ever try to find pho on La Brea? lol.

this thread has made me go out and buy some oxtail. wiggling and all.

No shit yeah Wu...

Every once in a while everyone gets the bug to go down to Pink's. Then you stand in line FOREVER, and people watch while you you spend the time trying to figure out what you're going to order. After you order it's a race to find a good/big enough table for everybody, then wolf everything down. The dogs actually aren't that good, but it's just the whole thing...not to mention the major cheat of eating massive dogs and sausages with bacon and chili and cheese and everything else all in one sitting...

my aunt took me there cause she thought shouldn't miss the experience. i want that hour back.