OXYDOL PRO for May 22 NAGA is...


That was in Ohio at the Arnold's, and the guy was a team mate of mine.

I think Pe De Pano got $1000 regardless, but I am not forsure.

One thing I do know is that Wade is not the kind of guy to try to break a guys face! Dont get me wrong, I know he will go for the win! But in my talks with him, he is a professional "on & off" the mat!!!

TTT for OXYDOL, NAGA, Kipp, & Wade Rome!!!

Dustin Ware

I'm positive Wade will not intentionally hurt someone.

Yep, Wade is very professional. Half the time that camp is giving their purse away to good causes so I don't see him intentionally hurting anyone to win it LOL.

He won't let them off easy though!

I want Wade! LOL

What's up Wade, hope all is well...see ya in Chicago!

No more comments about my facial expressions when reffing, ok? haha


Bullshit Wade Rome is a sadist mother fucker. He is always hurting me every change he gets.

To whom ever gets their name drawn: Cut a deal with Wade is like cutting a deal with the devil. He will get all the money, make you sign a contract for your house, and end up getting your lady in the sack. Well maybe not getting your girl in the sack, but he will come here and verbally abuse you some more.

Good luck, poor bastard!

At the Arnold's the Oxydol Challenge Pro was Marcio Pe De Pano who has to be at least 250 lbs.  He also won the 2003 Superheavy weight division in Abu Dhabi.

This time we are bringing in an American Grappler Wade Rome.

Yes Wade is a big man.  He is also a very talented grappler just like Pe De Pano.  It is suppose to be hard to win.  Wade is professional, talented and loves to grapple.  He even offered to start in the bottom guard if his competitor wanted that to happen..

Bottom line, if you don't want to have the opportunity to roll with Wade for the 3k, then you don't have to enter your name.  Trust me, the hat will be full of names by the early afternoon.

My name is going in the hat (If that's all right with the Oxydol crew)?

See everyone May 22!

He also took the fight to Pe De Pano instead of running.

For anyone who was at the Arnold's, it was by far more exciting than any pro match they had!

Kipp is correct... the Oxydol matches were the most exciting of the tournament.

I don't remember the CEO's name, but is he going to be at the tournament? Will he be doing his "tap the CEO" challenge at NAGA Chicago also?

If I wasn't helping out with the tournament I'd certainly throw my name into the hat to face Wade Rome. Like Dustin says, Wade certainly isn't the type of guy who is going to hurt somebody for $1,000.

fatty has caught the correct.

I think this is going to be alot of fun and I am really glad NAGA & Oxydol asked me to do this.

While I fully intend to walk away with the 1k, I want to make sure it is an exciting and fun event. Nobody is going to get hurt.

The rest of the tourney is shaping up nicely. I think Terry Martin from CombatDo should be in the Expert HW Division. He is a rising talent. Bob, get him in there.

Wade Rome

PS- Mike, your facial expressions ARE funny.

Wade once made me take Polaroids while he banged my girlfriend..........true story

Jeff Monson videoed it...........no lie

Serafin for Expert Division also!!

It will be fun.

If my names is picked, can we just let me start from side-control?

See you there!!!

Dustin Ware


Is you crazy ? If you are gonna ask, why not start in mount ?


I left Bob Schirmer a voice mail about getting Terry Martin in the 8-Man Expert Class and have not heard back from him?

get jeff serafin for the expert heavy's

wade if i get picked can i start from your back with hooks and a choke secured?

Wade - if I win the drawing, can I start with both hooks in, the rear naked sunk, and me squeezing for 10 seconds before they say go?

I want to get in here. Ill be there.

Terry Martin is as intense as they get and he has some solid wrestling skills.

By the way Wade will hurt someone for a grand, he is a bad man and does not care for anyones feelings. He only cares for his own monetary gain, a grand might buy him a new fishing rod, he needs one like I need a tumor on my left nut, or a new tire for his 24 inch rims on his truck.

***grunts "Fat Bastard"****