Oz Heavyweight to fight Pride?

Hey guys keep this one a little hush for now if possible,

Just got off the phone with one of my old Muay Thai trainers who said that Chris Christopulides has been verbally offered a Pride fight in Japan in October!

For those who don't know Chris, he's been on the Australian K1 circuit for a few years and has fought the likes of Japanese legend Musashi (draw), Mark Hunt (KO loss), Paul Slownisky (draw), Peter Graham (about 4 times), Mark Robinson (KO Win), Nathan Briggs (KO win), Gurkan Ozkan (KO win) etc.., He's a huge guy round 115kg & 6'5 or something. They call him Godzilla and the guy has more heart then phar lap. He has huge kicks, big hands and good knees though can be a little loose at times. Oh and he's trainied by Hall of Fame trainer John Scida of Team Ultimate in Vic.

Anyway, apparently the deal is he's been trying to break into K1 Japan for years and some unkown promoter has said to him that he can't get him a spot in K1 Japan but probably in Pride but he will need to be ready for October. He's never grappled so I think they are considering taking him to a club in Melb (i've suggested a couple) so he can learn more to survive and stay off the ground so he can strike (think Crocop).

Anyway, I believe these are just verbal offers at the moment and Chris & John are only thinking about it, nothing confirmed. Exciting stuff nevertheless...

I have seen Chris fight on a few occasions and he always puts on a great show. He has to have one of the biggest hearts in the fight game. I personally don't think he has world class skill (neither did Jeff Harding ect) but boy does he make up for it in courage.

I think hes biggest struggle is he throws big bombs and is normally close to his opponets when he does this (might be a great oppitunity for his opponent to take him to the ground) but i have seen Chris in fights he was never going to win and some how he pulls it off and normally ends up Koing his opponet.

If this happens good luck to Chris as he seems to be a very nice guy and kickboxing fans love him.

How do you work that out Ben?

If he loss wouldn't it be because his ground game wasn't up to scratch? I don't think a big heart means you lose infact i have seen it win kickboxing fights for him.

Mark HUNY signed a multiple fight contract with pride some time back. He also appeared at the GP and was one of the few in ring intervuiews (sakuraba and Kondo v Vanderlai being the others). He has been training under Marcello REZENDE for some time now and should make debut soon.


Didn't know that about Mark Hunt, that's awesome. Few in Pride could handle his power and if he can get his ground game up to a reasonable level, he may make some waves...

As to big Chris, he's skills have improved a lot over the last year or so but i agree with Keats that he doesn't have world class skills. Though he has been very competitive against world class fighters like Musashi & Slowinsky... If he enters the ring against someone like Crocop then i don't think he will have what it takes, however if they start him off with opponents a little less experienced, and he does his homework regarding the ground game, then i think he could do ok. Time will tell...

Hey Ben, how does having a big heart mean you'll lose? A fighter has to be a complete package, a major part of which is heart. There have been so many fighters with'world class skill' who lose because they crumble in the tough stuff (Nathan Briggs springs to mind). Remember the old saying 'it's not the size of the dog in the fight-it's the size of the fight in the dog'...

"Hey guys keep this one a little hush for now if possible," lol....

Good news thou. Hope the fight happens thou. PRIDE says alot of things.

- Juggs

I'm with the whale on this one. Mirko's win streak was not the result of wizzardry on his back but staying on his feet.

Naturally Mark needs to know whats happening on the deck but if he never ends up there someone's getting KTFO!


Seen Chris fight a few times in Melbourne, very tough guy!

Great to see more Aussies in Pride FC!!!



true.... if it stays standing..

However, it is easier to take a fight to the ground than to stay standing..

I think a lot of people under-estimate Mirko's natural athleticm. His speed, agility, power and timing/reflexes were impecable. I don't know of many people that could mirror that. I doubt that either Chris or Mark (as much as I respect their Kickboxing abilities) could mirror the feats of Mirko.

Byron is 100% correct re Mirko he is freaky agile like a cat amazing balance etc.. he reminds me a bit of Yves EDWARDS who is similar.