Oz the Great and Powerful

Not really a kids' movie. Not bad but not very memorable... But it was pure ramii!! Campbell was stellar and it had shades of AoD :).

Oh, and casting Kunis as a witch was perfect her super bitchiness worked well even if EVERYONE was overacting like hell. They kind of had to.

I really want to see this movie.

Michelle Williams is so god damn sexy Phone Post

isn't zach braff in it?

Not in this film... But she did well. For a while I figured she only got work because her ex, Crackhead Ledger, ODed, but she did well despite the hammy part.

Will it be out in 3d?

How much playtime did Bruce have Phone Post

His standard one scene... The man's timing is perfect though.

You are nuts she looked amazing. Mila wasn't worth looking at. Michelle is literally perfect looking Phone Post

Not enough cleavage I guess... Did a good Gallenda impression.

Just finished watching it. Was a decent movie. The blonde girl is some eye candy Phone Post

Mila is hot. The witch had a great rack but it was hard to take her serious when all I heard from that voice was meg griffin. Phone Post

Hot and with that super bitchy vibe.

Powerful wizard of oz Phone Post

She always looks like she wants to cry and it makes me want to abuse her. Mila is the most overrated chick ever Phone Post

I was suprized how bad the Mummy chick looked. In Mummy 1 and 2 she was totally hot. Now, just thin as hell. What is Danny Craig doing to her?

It may have just been the bad wardrobe though. Those 1930s fashioned they sort of stuck to were not flattering

Agreed about Kunis. Well, you have 3 or 4 hotties but they made it a kids movie instead of a dude's movie. Not a shock.

Awesome movie.

All three girls were gorgeous Phone Post

Pretty surprised by this movie, was expecting shit, came out entertained. Wow, Michelle Williams was stunning, I'll usually take the Brunette 9/10 times, but fuck did she look good, I wanted to rape her face.

10yo is okay, but too baboob scary for 5 yo, imo.

Also NO mention of ruby slippers or why water melts the witch. She even hangs out near water.