Ozarks season 4

The ending was exactly correct for the season. Meh and not memorable. Ozark: at least we’re not Dexter!

Ruth dropped the baby off with CPS and told them not to let Wendy anywhere near him.

I must have missed that. Thanks if true

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Lol @ if true!


I’m surprised I would have missed it. It’s almost like what happened to Toto in the Wizard of Oz

He is right about the baby. It was when she came back from killing Javi and talked to the deputy.

There’s a saying Ive heard used before that says, if you have one leg that only works half way, you still need both legs to walk, or something to that effect., which implies that even our faults and imperfections can be used to help us.

There’s also the contrary idea, such as that found in Christianity, that, “if your eye offends God, pluck it out, if you’re hand offends God, cut it off.” that sort of thing, which implies it’s better to bite the bullet and suffer or die in this life in order to be right with God in the end than to embrace your sins for gain.

To me, this series spoke to the conflict between those 2 perspectives. They could have sucked it up and done and risked whatever it took to get out of that life and get their kids out of that life, but instead they chose to roll with and commit to their sins to whatever degree their sins could help them move forward.

At the end of the day, and as shown by Ruth, there isnt really a middle ground between those 2 perspectives.

It’s not that I didn’t believe him. I just didn’t remember seeing it thus wasn’t 100% sure that’s what happened. It’s the OG you know!

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Ruth was paying someone to watch the baby…then the babysitter shows up to Ruths asking her if this is the missing baby shes been seeing on the news


Wow. I must have been gonzo for that one.

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I think it was someone from the ol strip club or something.

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That poor deputy had no idea what he was getting into when he decided he wanted to be sheriff. He’s probably thinking he’ll be dealing with DUIs and meth heads, then Ruth lays out the cartel business for him and his mind was blown.

satisfying ending


If you find what you think is definitive proof of a families evil drug cartel connected murders do you:

a) take it straight to the cops
b) get it examined and results released immediately
c) a & b combined
d) show up at their house in the middle of the night with no form of protection, no one knowing where you are, holding the evidence to show them


LOL exactly.

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Would that have even been a smoking gun against them?

He connected all the dots and had the remains…slam dunk imo

The detective was power tripping, and he underestimated how ruthless the Byrd family was. Thought he could see them squirm in person but instead got the shotty, lol.


You guys still dont get it. Jonah shot his mom at the very end.

Nope, mom hit rock bottom and completely gave up until her kids came back to her. She has Ruth to thank for that, now her kids are on the Byrde train for good.