Ozarks season 4

I wish Jonah would have shot Wendy because ironically, it would indicate that Jonah still had a chance to turn his life around and embrace something better. But then he would have had to shoot Marty, and/or Mel as well anyway.

Agreed, except for the fact the showrunner said Jonah shot Mel.

I understand he said it.

Just not sure why they didn’t show it.

If they did, there’d be no need for him to say it.

Jonah was clearly aiming at the detective. Unless you think he suddenly changed his aim in the time between Marty nodding slightly to sound of a gunshot, with nobody screaming or saying, “No, don’t kill Mom!” lol


I saw a good comment.

By the end of the show, the Byrdes had become completely ruthless.



They were pretty ruthless throughout the whole series…lol

First of all the pi was holding the cookie jar of ashes and jonah had a shotgun. From that distance any killshot on the pi would’ve also hit the cookie jar.

Did anybody hear a cookie jar break when the shot fired? No?.. Because he shot wendy and not the pi.

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Tight_Butthole is really clenched onto this theory about Jonah killing Wendy!

Since you’re getting specific I will too lol. It depends on the type of shot and choke in the gun. At that close, even bird shot wouldn’t spread that much. I think that gun was used for deer hunting early on? So that means it had buck shot, which only has a few pellets in the shell. That is made to keep a tight pattern so it’d completely miss the cookie jar. Most older guns have full chokes so that keeps the patterns tight also.
Just give it up. We all hate wendy but she didn’t die like we all thought she would.

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Nah at that distance there would be very little spread. It would be like a fist at most.

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That old 20 gauge pump he had probably was a fixed improved cylinder choke. He was 5 yards away at the most, and took dead aim at what appeared to be the head. If he had bird shot for max spread then it would have been a gruesome sight and slower death. If he had buckshot it would have been instant and less gross, but also fewer holes.

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Not if the shotgun was loaded with a slug.

Jonah shot Marty.


Decent end to the show.

If I never have to hear or see Laura Linney again it’ll be too soon.


Just finished the show the other day. Man, what a shit ending. Tried to pull a sopranos but came out even more lame.


As the priest said it was their final warning from god.

Plot twist:


The show fucking sucked. It was the same shit for 4 seasons. The reason I watched it until the end was that I wanted to see Marty kill Wendy.

That would have been a great ending and throughout season 3 I thought that was the direction this whole thing was heading.

Then they kill Ruth as a shocker for the finale but it was too rushed. Killed by that Consuela who noone gives a shit about. Lame.

Also a big mistake was to kill off all the interesting characters way too soon. The gay cop from season 1, Russ, Cade … Then they brought in this hilarious hillbilly the new sheriff way too late in season 4.

Breaking bad was way better.

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