P.T game on playstation plus.

Downloaded and Loaded it up tonight to try out, totally unaware of what to expect.

Made it about 15 minutes in and had to quit playing. I need to sleep tonight. I don't think I'll be able to play the full game either. Way too creepy. Phone Post 3.0

It's a public teaser for the new Silent Hill, right? Phone Post 3.0

Got the trailer at the end. Best played with headphones. My hands were sweaty the entire time. Phone Post 3.0

That game is fucking nuts Phone Post 3.0

Playable teaser for silent hill game yes. I didn't see any gore at all in the short time I played ,but it fucks with your mind so bad with so little it worries me to imagine it with no stops. Phone Post 3.0

Fuck. That. Game.

I don't even like having it on my hard drive. Phone Post 3.0

I think I'm going to try it out again tonight. Phone Post 3.0

I made it down the first hallway, nothing happened but the suspense was too much. I'm too old for that shit. Phone Post 3.0

Only the second game ever that made me jump out of my seat. That fucking bitch. First one was resident evil and that damn hallway and the dogs Phone Post 3.0

Scariest game I have ever played. Phone Post 3.0

The Mitch Mitchell Experience - How do you get this? I can't find it on psn.. Is it for ps3 only? Phone Post 3.0
Ps4. Search PT Phone Post 3.0

Don't touch that dial!

I'm on the last loop, I'll stay there for eternity Phone Post 3.0

I really hope Silent Hills is pretty much exactly the same as PT. It would be amazing. Phone Post 3.0

The Mitch Mitchell Experience - Should I wait til night time to play it? I want the full effect Phone Post 3.0
Yes Phone Post 3.0

In for later Phone Post 3.0

Turned the lights off, started playing......turned lights back on haha Phone Post 3.0

Gotta wait for the phone to ring then answer it Phone Post 3.0

Could take forever since it seems to be triggered randomly Phone Post 3.0

Playstation exclusive?
Silent Hill does not come on Xbox one? Phone Post 3.0

You have to make the peanut baby laugh 3 times in the last loop to get the call. Here's what I know:
Laugh 1: wait until after midnight, walk exactly 10 steps and stop
Laugh 2: I have no idea lol
Laugh 3: after the 2nd laugh, do nothing. Do not move; after a while the controller will shake and the baby should start laughing again Phone Post 3.0