P.T game on playstation plus.

I got to the part where you zoom in on the room through the cracked door and something pops up and closes the door, turned it off and just watched pewdiepie play it on YouTube haha. Phone Post 3.0

DMBpig - Turned the lights off, started playing......turned lights back on haha Phone Post 3.0
Haha had to turn the lights on to play the game. It's just a game.

I wouldn't dare turn them off in the first place. It's just a game. It's just a game. It's just a ... Phone Post 3.0

Loved it.

Didn't love it so much when my 6 year old found it when he was looking to turn Knack on.

Can't wait til SH comes out. Phone Post 3.0

This game made me pause and look around my house!! What a mind raping!! Absolutely the most creepiest way to play a game but man the rush of fear is intense!! Phone Post 3.0