PA-Grappling grppling and mma vids

Here are some of our teams mma fights and grappling matches



brad drop me an email


Great Clips Brad!
Central PA Represent! I am sure all of us from TITAN will catch up with you guys next weekend in Pittsburgh.


nice site and clips. Berks County sends its regards

Any of you guys that want to make the trip we are always there on Saturdays training. It's a good group of guys some competitors and some are not. We do howerver go over alot and have a fun class. Eric is a great instructor who pounds techniques into your head.

Cies - i'll shoot you an e-mail tonight

Gruhn - yeah we have several people competing next weekend at Kumite. I have not figured out if i'm competing or not. Money is tight adn i'm competing two weeks after that in Va. PLus i'll have coaching duties lol. Make sure you guys come up to shoot the shit.

Mad Lurker- What's up man. i'm pretty sure we met up at the David Meyers seminar in Lancaster. That was a good seminar. Mike was trying to get me to teach a no-gi class in Lancaster but our schedules didn't match.

I will however be opening PA-grappling classes in York, Pa in the near future.


Will Do Brad,

I thought you were going to possibly be a ref for Kumite?

That last link you posted isn't working:


i'm not going to ref this year. I did last year for about 10 hrs straight with only restroom breaks for a ham sandwhich lol. This year i think i'll just watch though i may do gi for shits and giggles.

the links worked for me?


State College here.


TTT for PA GRAPPLING...if i was still in PA i would train here!!!


I got some video of a few of your guys today at Kumite. Email me and I can send you the links:



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