Pablo Popovitch (ATT ) Seminar!


Pablo Popovitch pound for pound one of the top Grapplers in the world! UnLIKE MOST SEMINARS IN THE United States. Pablo is a firm beleiver of Lead by EXAMPLE, in other words everyone who attends the seminar gets to roll with one of the most DOMINATING BLACK BELTS in BJJ. Its impossible not to be impressed by this very young exsplosive individual with extream Knowledge and power. This is one seminar that is very differnt, and worth probably twice what you will be paying. Defintly come check out the newest techniques of this "Legend in the Making". Trust me theres not many who would argue that statement.

Good Luck in the next tournament Pablo!
Keep em Rollin! American Top Team!

Mike Yanez
Team Popovitch


Pablo P= a very dangerous man.

I went to one of Pablos seminars. And it turned me onto learning more about the guard. This means theres something to him because I was a wrestler who didn't really care about learning the guard. But since the seminar I have became alot better for whatever reason his teaching works.


3t for Pablo!

All the people that know and trained under/with Pablo have nothing but good things to say about him. He shows alot of techniques in a detailed fashion and sticks with you and the atmosphere is always friendly and positive.

I have heard this guy is amazing! This seminar should sell out. Its too bad I am in Europe.....goodluck guys with the seminar. Gerald Strebendt

Pablo has sick grappling skills.. everyone able to make the seminar should go.. you wont regret it.

Do not miss this opportunity to role with one of the best no-gi technicians in the world. He has beat me up for the last 7 years and I am better because of it.

Chris Chard
Brazilian Jiu-Jitsu Center of Ohio

Yes, the Seminar is for everyone!

mike yanez

3t for Popo

To pre-register for this seminar call Ed Rolon @ (201) 233-2157


Awesome wrestling and jiu-jitsu. Highly recommended.

ttt Popovitch in da House!

I attended a seminar with Pablo back in the fall and it was an awesome experience. Pablo carefully explained all the techniques he demonstrated step by step as well as the strategy behind when and how to use them. All of the techniques he taught connected with each so that you came out of the seminar with a better understanding of jiu-jitsu as a whole and not just a few new moves to try out. Pablo was also very generous with his mat time, sparing with each student for quite awhile. He is a true professional and a great competitor.

This seminar is open to all!!!!!!

ttt and a kimura