Pablo Popovitch Versus !!!!!!!!

The Submission Wrestling Open (SWO) is set for Feb. 28th Saturday in Ft. Lauderdale, Florida. Pablo Pablo was originally scheduled to take on Shaolin. Shaolin had to withdraw (I belive) it was due to an injury he sustained. His new opponent will be Marcelo Garcia! Marcelo Garcia is the young phenom from Fabio Gurgel. He is a recent Abu Dhabi Champ and has been tearing up the No-Gi scene in Brazil.Pablo is a multiple time NAGA Superfight winner and was the US rep for Abu Dhabi last year.This should be an all out war of 2 young exciting Black Belts in there prime going head to head.Good luck Pablo!!

Damn, that's going to be a good match.






Awesome matchup!!!

HOLY SHIT!!! i wish i lived in florida!

does anyone know if spectators would be allowed to videotape this match??




good matchup


Go Pablo

You stole my press release!

Puma, is there a website or some info you could give about the event. I know a couple of people who are interested in going.

Location, time, admission? Thanks

Daaaaaamnet, I would pay to see this. I am going for Popovitch!!

Greg MAC

migueli- Sorry bro! I sent you an e mail.

Trust- Pablo and his dad are both awesome people. Really looking forward to this match!

redwhiteandblues-No, because I think they will make a tape or dvd and sell it.

I wish Pablo luck, but after training at his school and knowing his training with ATT he can do it all on his own. This is definitely a great opportunity for both guys to show their skills. I wish I could be there to see it. Go Pablo.

azncowboy- It will be the day after the AFC show which is Friday night at the War Memorial Auditorium in Ft. Lauderdale, Florida.The Submission Wrestling Open (SWO) will be Saturday afternoon. Not sure what time they are starting. Also, I think they are changing locations to accomodate more people. I am sure Migueli will post more info regarding tix etc. keep checking here or for more info. Hope that helps.PumaAmerican Top Team

Thanks man, a couple of us from Tampa are gonna be at AFC. We want to make a kick ass weekend out of it. Thanks for the info. See you there.